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Why Ice Dams Are Something To Be Concerned About This Winter

Winter for most of us here in Livingston County Michigan means snow and cold weather. Between shoveling your driveway, heating your home, and staying warm, it can be exhausting trying to get things done. But there is one more thing you need to look out for this winter. And it’s one that is not so obvious but can cause all sorts of problems on your home. The problem is roof ice dams. And when you have a roof ice dam, getting a roofing contractor in Livingston county Michigan to repair your roof is a must to prevent damages to the roof and home.

Why Ice Dams Are Something To Be Concerned About This Winter

As freezing temperatures create ice from all moisture available, your roof is no exception. Ice dams are found on your home’s roofline and create a blockage in your gutter system as sitting moisture freezes. There are several factors that will play a part in how the roof ice dam is formed. Clogged gutters and debris is one factor that can promote roof ice dams. While there is roof ice dam protection on your home for more severe cases this may not be enough. At Livingston Roof Pros we always install roof ice dam protection when we install a new roof.

Why Ice Dams Are Something To Be Concerned About This Winter

How Do Ice Dams Formed on Your Home?

Gutter systems are designed to drain away moisture from the roof of your home. As temperatures fluctuate, snow can quickly melt and freeze. When there are obstructions in your gutter system, it makes it impossible to let this melting snow drain away. When the water sits, the freezing temperature will turn it to ice wherever it is. Ice dams are formed when the sitting moisture in your gutters overflow and go up onto your roof. This forms sheets of ice that not only further blocks the gutters, but can cause damage to your home.

Why Are Ice Dams Dangerous?

Ice dams do not pose a huge safety risk to anyone while temperatures are freezing. But as temperatures begin to warm up, the ice dams will begin to melt and become loose. This can make it easy for pieces, or even the whole thing, to fall off at any time. For this reason, you should always avoid walking under ice dams. Avoid parking your car under them as well.

Ice dams are also dangerous to your home. Moisture is never something you want on your roof because it can easily work away at shingles and get through your roof. This makes leaks, water damage and mold much more common. The ice itself can also cause damage to your shingles and gutters, making it easier for moisture to get in.

How Do You Remove Ice Dams?

Because they are frozen onto your roofline, it can be incredibly difficult to get them off. Trying to remove them can also lead to more damage than leaving them be would have caused. This is why it is recommended that you have a professional out to remove them and repair the damage caused.

What Can You Do To Prevent Them?

Preventing ice dams is always going to be easier to do than removing them. There are several different maintenance projects you can do to reduce your risk of ice dams drastically. The best way to prevent ice dams is to regularly check and clean out your gutters. This allows moisture from melting to flow and not sit on your roof. You should also rake off snow from your roof to prevent too much moisture building up when melting occurs.

You should also look into getting your insulation checked in your roof. When there isn’t enough insulation in your home, it can make it easy for the heat inside your home to escape from the roof. That means you can experience melting snow on your roof as you just try to keep your home warm. Proper insulation will keep the interior and exterior of your home separate and won’t let this problematic melting occur.

Call Us Today for a Roof Inspection

If you’re concerned about your roof be sure to call Livingston Roof Pros for a roof inspection on your home. We’ll examine every part of the roof and look for problems and potential problems. We can also provide free quotes on any needed roofing services including repairs or replacement for your roof. Call us today to get started!

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