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Why Gutters Are So Necessary for Your Home in Howell Michigan

When you think about the most important parts of your homes, gutters probable isn’t on the top of your list. In fact, it’s probably closer to the bottom of the list. But the gutters on your Howell Michigan serve a vital role in keeping your home save and preventing damages such as water damage on your home. To make sure they are doing their job, you need to know the signs of problems and how to prevent them. And if there is a problem with your gutters, having a qualified roofing contractor in Howell Michigan to repair or replace your gutters should be done.

Why Gutters Are So Necessary for Your Home in Howell Michigan

When it comes to the roof on your home there are many important components. Most people only think about the roofing shingles when talking about their roofs, but in fact, almost every part of the roofing system is crucial to the roof performing as it should. If one of these components fail it can put the entire roof in jeopardy. From the flashing to the underlayment of the roof, all of these components are important. And one of those components is the gutters on your home. Here is why they are so important:

Why Gutters Are So Necessary for Your Home in Howell Michigan

What Function Do Gutters Serve?

Gutters are designed to transport the water running off your roof away from your home. This prevents water from flowing off your roof and around the foundation of your home. Instead, it is deposited a safe distance away from your home where it cannot cause any problems.

Why Do Your Need to Keep Your Gutters Clean?

While gutters do a great job of transporting water away from your home, it is crucial that you keep them clean. Bird’s nests, leaves, branches, snow and any other objects they may find their way into your gutters can all create an obstruction. If not removed, this will block the flow of water through your gutters, and instead let the water sit and overflow. When this occurs, you can end up with water around the foundation of your home and sitting on your roof.

Sitting water on your roof allows moisture to wear away at your roof and create leaks weak spots and leaks over time. Leaks in your roof can cause mold, warping and rotting of structural beams, and other costly problems. Water around your foundation can also lead to mold and can impact the ground around your home. This can cause your home to sink, slant and otherwise impact how your home sits in the ground. It can cost thousands of dollars to correct these problems, and may not be covered by your homeowner’s insurance.

Signs That Your Gutters Are Not Working

If you are noticing water sitting in your gutters, overflowing water from your gutters, ice dams, or water building up around your foundation, there is something wrong with your guttering system. Ice dams are most common in the winter and colder months, and are created when sitting water on your roof freezes. Icicles are also a sign of leaking gutters or overflowing. You will also see that there is nothing coming out of the downspout where the water should be ending up. If you clean out your guttering system, but there are still problems, you may need to look into new gutters.

When Is It Time to Get New Gutters?

Most gutters are made of metal, making it highly durable, but susceptible to corrosion after enough exposure to moisture. Once gutters begin to corrode and rust forms, you can patch spots, but it will not be the same as before. To get your gutters working as they need to, you will need to replace them or get a professional patch job. This will only last so long though, as more spots will begin corrode. You should also replace gutters that are damaged by storms or impacts that cause them to become deformed or unlevel.

Get Your Gutters and Roof Inspected by a Qualified Roofer

Not sure what condition your gutters are in? Be sure to call a qualified roofer in Howell Michigan such as Livingston Roof Pros to get a full inspection on your roof and gutters. We can provide a roof inspection on your home and repair or replace any damages on the roof or gutters. Call us today to get started!

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