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Tips About Getting a Roof Inspection in Livingston Michigan
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Tips About Getting a Roof Inspection in Livingston Michigan

Your home is a huge investment and keeping it in good condition is important. One component on the home that is always under threat of weather and problems is the roof of your home. A problem with the roof on your home can also quickly spread into other areas of the home when you have a roof leak. In order to avoid some of these problems and keep your roof in good condition you need to do a regular roof inspection in Livingston Michigan. We’ll share some tips about getting a roof inspection below.

Tips About Getting a Roof Inspection in Livingston Michigan

Protecting your roof means taking a proactive stance about any problems that may be present. For most roofing systems there are layers of protection in place that can help to prevent roof leaks even if there are damages to the exterior layers of roofing. So while you may have a problem on your roof, it may not be a roof leak initially. Over time however, these secondary layers will fail and a roof leak will develop. By doing a roof inspection on your home’s roof you can find these problems and address them before the second layer of protection on your roof fails which can prevent any water damage to the interior of your home.

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Can You Do a Roof Inspection Yourself?

One of the biggest concerns we’ve heard from home owners about doing a roof inspection on their home is that they don’t want to go onto the roof and look around. After all, doing so is dangerous and you can be seriously injured if you fall. Not only that but walking on the roof without the proper equipment or misstopping can cause damage to the roof itself. Because of these risks, we don’t advise anyone to go on the roof for a roof inspection. Instead, you can inspect the roof from the ground level. Most roofs can be seen easily from the ground and if there are areas that you think deserve a closer look then you can use binoculars to inspect those areas. In any case, don’t attempt to climb onto the  roof yourself.

When Should You Do a Roof Inspection on your Home?

Doing a visual inspection on your home’s roof is important from time to time. Many times a simple walk around your home looking for problems on your roof only takes about 5 minutes. You should make a point to do one of these walk arounds every month or so to see if there is any damage on the roof. If there are severe storms that pass through the area with high winds it’s also a good idea to do a roof inspection afterwards. Most damage is caused by weather and if we have severe weather in the area your roof may have been damaged.

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What Should You Look for?

The roof on your home should have a uniform look to it. Take a look at the roofing surface to determine if there are any areas that look discolored in any way. You’ll also want to look for shingles that are broken or missing from the roof. If you see any problems with the shingles there is usually underlayment that will be visible underneath. If there is wood visible then the underlayment may be damaged as well. In either case, you’ll need to call a roofer for roof repairs.

Another area you should check when doing a roof inspection is the ceilings on your home. Look for signs of water damage which can be brown tinted stains on the ceiling. If you notice any stains such as this be sure to get a professional roof inspection done on your home. Other areas you should inspect when looking over your roof include things such as the gutters on your home and fascia board which can both become damaged during storms.

When Should You Call a Roofer for a Professional Roofing Inspection?

If you’ve found anything that you are concerned about on your roof then it’s time to call a professional. It’s also a good idea to have a professional roofer inspect your roof every few years to ensure everything is good. Be sure to call Livingston Roof Pros today if you need a roof inspection on your home.

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