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Things You Need To Avoid When Planning For A New Roof in Livingston Michigan

If your home’s roof has reached the end of the road and will need to be replaced, it will take some planning and preparation on your part. But while being prepared is important, there are some problems that can come with planning for your new roof in Livingston Michigan. To prevent causing any extra stress in your life, and help the roof replacement go more smoothly, there are some things you should avoid. We’ll take a look at some things you’ll need to consider if you’re planning on replacing your home’s roof soon.

Things You Need To Avoid When Planning For A New Roof in Livingston Michigan

Many of the homes in Livingston Michigan have shingle roofing installed. While metal roofing has gained popularity over the past few years, shingle roofing is still the most installed roofing material and that’s not likely to change in the new few years. With that being said, these tips focus on homes with shingle roofing. We have tips that can help ensure you get the most from your roofing project in Livingston Michigan below:

Things You Need To Avoid When Planning For A New Roof in Livingston Michigan

Not Researching The Work

To best prepare for a roof replacement, it is beneficial to research how the process actually works. You will get a better idea of what the workers will be doing and how long it will take, so you can better understand what they are doing and avoid stressing when you start hearing the banging on your roof.

Not Getting Different Quotes

While roofs work, especially replacements, should not be put off for long periods of time, it is still important to take enough time to ask around and get different quotes. Not every contractor will charge the same for a roof replacement, and different stores will offer different prices for materials. By looking around and not going with the first one you find, you can save a significant amount of money. Here at Livingston Roof Pros, we would certainly like to be your roofing contractor, but it’s always best to get several quotes to compare.

Not Being Financially Ready

Roof replacement in Livingston Michigan are a significant and necessary investment every homeowner will eventually need to make. When your roof is starting to reach the end of its life, it is important to start saving before the replacement is necessary and look into financing if necessary. Loans can take time, so don’t wait until the last minute. We do offer financing for home owners here at Livingston Roof Pros. Call us today to discuss your options.

Putting Too Much Emphasis On Price

While everyone wants to save money when they can, it is also important to look at what you are losing out on for a cheaper price. When looking for a contractor to do the work, the first thing you should look for is quality. Check for local, licensed and insured contractors who have positive reviews and no complaints. If you end up finding more than one roofer that is qualified, you can then compare prices to further narrow it down. Otherwise, you can end up spending more money in the long run to repair sub quality work.

Foregoing A Signed Contract

You should always get a written and signed contract when paying someone to do work for you. Write down as much detail as possible about what the job entails, what materials are being used, a breakdown in price and payment, and any repercussions for not completing the work. You should also include any warranties the roofer is providing and make sure both parties sign and date the contract. You should each retain a copy as well to refer to and have if anything should go wrong.

Not Properly Preparing Your Home

To install a new roof in Livingston Michigan, you will first need to remove the old one. This means tossing down boards, shingles and nails into a dumpster. Things may miss the dumpster and end up scratching or damaging your home. Too much stuff in your yard can also make it difficult for the workers to move around efficiently. This is why you should remove vehicles, patio furniture, toys and anything else that may be in your yard. You should also ask your roofer what they recommend you do to help make it go much smoother. Call us today to discuss your new roof and get a quote on the roof replacement for free!

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