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Roof Shingles Brighton MI
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Things to Avoid When Replacing Asphalt Shingles in Brighton Michigan

For Brighton Michigan homeowners, asphalt shingles are one of the most popular options for roof coverings on the market. With the different styles, easy installation, and their affordability when compared to other roofing systems, it is easy for any homeowner to find asphalt shingles they would use on their home. But it is important to think about some often-overlooked factors when replacing asphalt shingles in Brighton Michigan to avoid any unnecessary problems.

Things to Avoid When Replacing Asphalt Shingles in Brighton Michigan

One of the biggest advantages of asphalt shingles when compared to other roofing systems is the ability to repair the roof quickly and easily. Since only a small area may be damaged, the roofer may only need to replace a single shingle or just a few of them. For other types of roofing systems larger areas may need to be replaced or specialty tools and equipment may need to be used in order to properly repair the roof. In either case, this can cause the cost of the roof repair to become much more expensive. With asphalt shingles, the repair usually doesn’t require special tools and most roof repairs only take a short time. There are some things you should be aware of when it comes to asphalt shingles that you’ll want to discuss with your roofing contractor. Here are some of those concerns:

Things to Avoid When Replacing Asphalt Shingles in Brighton Michigan

Skipping Starter Shingles

When installing asphalt shingles there are two layers to the process. There are the actual shingles, and the starter shingles, also known as starter strips. They are installed first to provide an added layer of protection and water resistance to your roof, before the shingles go on. This will help keep the shingles in place better than without them, as well as making sure you have added protection if moisture gets through your shingles.

Using the Wrong Type of Nail on the Roof and Shingles

There are several ways of damaging the shingle when using a nail. The first is by using the wrong nail size and thickness. When a nail is too short, it cannot properly adhere to the roof. Nails that are too long will penetrate too far and damage sub layers of your roof. You can also overdrive the nail, not nail it enough, and even nail it in the wrong spot. This is why it is crucial that you have a professional do the installation so you don’t risk starting off with problems. One of the biggest problems with this is that you may not even realize the problem but it can put your entire roof in jeopardy.

Installing Shingles in Bad Weather

Asphalt shingles are easy to install when conditions are correct. But there are many factors that can come into play to make installations incredibly complicated and problematic. The weather is a huge factor in the success of shingle installation, so you need to choose your date carefully.

Shingles cannot be installed in extremely cold weather because it makes them brittle and more easily damaged. The adhesive used to help hold asphalt shingles in place may not hold in cold weather as well. This leaves them improperly installed until the weather warms up. Installing asphalt shingles in extreme heat can also be problematic.

There should never be moisture present when installing shingles, making it important to choose a clear, dry day. Whether it is rain, snow or humidity, any moisture present can get trapped during the process and impact how the shingles seal. Moisture getting trapped can also lead to mold damage.

Not Getting A Thorough Inspection First

To make sure you are taking care of the problem fully and not missing any issues, it is important that you get a thorough inspection done. A professional roofing contractor such as Livingston Roof Pros should look at the shingles, sub roof, gutters, fascia board, flashings, and attic. You should also have chimneys and valleys inspected and make sure there are no other existing problems. Without an inspection first, you can end up spending money on new shingles and still have to spend money on repairs. A clean bill of health before the shingles are installed guarantees that everything is in order and you don’t need to worry about further problems. Call us today to have a full roof inspection done on your Brighton Michigan home and get a free quote on any services that are needed for your home.


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