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The Importance of Gutters for Your Roofing in Livingston Michigan
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The Importance of Gutters for Your Roofing in Livingston Michigan

Gutters are often overlooked when it comes to your home. Homeowners focus more on the roof and siding that is on their homes, but gutters will get passed over in favor of the larger areas of your home. But gutters have far more of an impact than you might think on your home’s overall well being. If you’re neglecting the gutters on your home, you may have to deal with issues with the roofing in Livingston Michigan. Here are some reasons why gutters should be properly maintained.

The Importance of Gutters for Your Roofing in Livingston Michigan

One of the biggest problems you will find with gutters is when they get clogged up with debris. If you have lots of trees around your home you will likely have a much larger problem with gutters than a home that doesn’t. Fallen leaves are a big problem as they collect in gutters and clog them up causing many of the following problems.

Roof Gutters Livingston MI

If you have doesn’t have properly maintained gutters then be sure to consider these problems you may be experiencing.

Purpose of Gutters

Gutters are designed to help divert water from your roof down the pipes and out the downspout. This will prevent water from sitting on your roof or soaking into the ground around your home.

Issues from Improper Gutter Care

Without keeping your gutters and downspout free of obstructions, corrosion or leaks, you can end up with some of these problems:

Sinking Foundations

When water overflows or leaks through your gutters, it can fall down into the ground around your home. This excess moisture can cause the soil to become wetter and loosen, which can make it hard for the ground to hold its form. When this happens, the foundation of your home in that area can begin to slowly sink. Over time, you can end up with a crooked house, which is incredibly costly to fix.

Sitting Water on Roof

When water overflows from your gutters, it can cause water to sit on the edge of your roof. You never want moisture of any kind sitting on your roof at all, but this is especially problematic during the winter or when there isn’t fascia board or flashings to help protect your roof.

Ice Dams

During the winter, when water overflows onto your roof and then freezes, it can form ice dams. This forms directly onto your roof’s coverings and can damage your roof, especially if you have shingles.

Roof Leaks

Moisture can work its way through your roof’s coverings and down into your attic. When this occurs, you can end up with sitting water in your attic and more water coming in whenever it rains. Because of the way your attic is designed, even with proper ventilation, you can end up with great difficulty getting the water to dry.


Sitting water and the heat coming in through your roof can create humidity, allowing for perfect conditions for mold to grow and thrive. Mold will not just stay in one location, but spread into your insulation and through the rest of your home. Mold can cause skin irritations, allergies and respiratory issues, which will impact anyone who lives inside your home. It is also incredibly difficult to fully get rid of, especially in porous materials. You may end up having to fully remove the items infected with mold, which can be incredibly costly.

Structural Damage

Roof leaks can lead to major structural issues, both in your roof and ceiling. Structural beams can become warped, rotted or sag when there is moisture present. This can cause your roof or ceiling to sag, which can lead to cave ins.

Safety Hazards

In addition to mold and cave ins, you also need to worry about electrical shock and fire hazards. When there is a leak in your home, it can get into your walls or drip onto appliances.

Call for an Inspection

Here at Livingston Roof Pros we offer roof inspection service that also includes gutters. We’ll take a look at your gutters and roof and let you know if there are any problems. Call us today to learn more and get a free quote on your roofing or gutter project for your home.

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