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The Importance in Preventative Maintenance for your Roofing in Livingston Michigan

We’ve all heard how much better it is to be proactive in life rather than reactive. This can also be applied to the care you take in your roofing in Livingston Michigan. If you conduct the regular preventative and precautious maintenance that you should, you can really expand the life of your roof. In fact, with proper maintenance you can easily add years or even more than a decade to your home’s roof life span. Here are some tips and reasons why roofing maintenance is so important.

The Importance in Preventative Maintenance for your Roofing in Livingston Michigan

The roof on your home is always at odds with the weather. Although preventative maintenance can help it withstand some of the problems these storms bring it can still be damaged in the most severe storms. Many of the problems that these storms bring however can be avoided. With proper gutter drainage you may be able to prevent ice dams during the cold or winter. Plus, with proper tree trimming you may prevent problems with branches falling onto the roof and cause damage. These things may seem simple but they can help prevent costly damage to your roof. Here are more tips and things you can do to help your roof last longer:

The Importance in Preventative Maintenance for your Roofing in Livingston Michigan

Preventative Maintenance and Leaks

A roof leak on your home is one of the worst damages you can have in your roof. You could have a whole host of issues that arise from a roof leak that went undetected. If you are practicing regular preventative maintenance on your roof, you shouldn’t have these issues because you will be able to find leaks early on before they get worse and cause significant damages to your home. Leaks can cause damage to your entire house, so it is important to catch them soon.

One of the biggest problems for a roof leak that you aren’t aware of is that it allows moisture into the attic area and into the walls in some cases of your home. This standing moisture and higher humidity can lead to mold growth in the home. What’s worse is that the longer the roof leak goes undetected, the worse it can get. Ultimately, you may need to hire a mold remediation contractor to remove the mold from your home as it can be unhealthy.

Roof Life Expectancy Increases

As with any aspect of your home, if you properly care and maintain your roof, you will prevent it from wearing out and falling apart before its lifetime is over. A well maintained roof can last for several decades. If not cared for, a roof could last only ten years or less. It is imperative that you take the necessary steps to just do some maintenance each year and you will see the benefits for years to come. Today, there are roofing systems which have a warranty of over 50 years. So proper care and maintenance on a higher quality roofing system means you won’t need to worry about your roof for a long time.

More Cost Efficient

When you spend the little bit here and there to take the necessary measures in maintaining your roof, you will save money. You may feel like you are shelling out money a few times over the course of a few years, but it is likely that the costs you entail from small roof repairs doesn’t amount to a premature roof replacement. Plus, if there is a problem such as an overhanging tree on your roof which damages your roof, the cost of removing or trimming the tree can prevent roof damage. If the tree isn’t trimmed you may face the same roof damage over and over again.

Call Livingston Roof Pros Today for a Roof Inspection

One of the best things you can do to ensure your roof will last a long time is to get regular roof inspections. A roof inspection can help to find and prevent roof leaks from occurring in the first place. Here at Livingston Roof Pros we can inspect your home’s roof and repair any problems that we find. We can also offer a free quote for any repairs or replacement needed. Call Livingston Roof Pros today to learn more.


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