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Start Your Roofing in Whitmore Lake Michigan Before the Winter, Here’s Why

When you have a problem with your roofing, getting it repaired is a priority. However, sometimes you may need more than a small roof repair to ensure the roof will protect your home for years to come. Sometimes the roof needs to be replaced. This can be a problem during colder weather as most roofing in Whitmore Lake Michigan is done when temperatures are above 40 degrees. There are many advantages of installing a new roof during the warmer months and many disadvantages to installing it during the cold. We’ll take a look at why you may want to wait until warmer weather to replace your home’s roof in Whitmore Lake Michigan.

Start Your Roofing in Whitmore Lake Michigan Before the Winter, Here’s Why

Crucial problems like roof leaks and drafts should never be put off because they can quickly become so much worse. But those home improvement projects like remodels and roof replacement projects, no matter how tempting should be held off of in the winter. While prices may be lower as contractors are looking for work, there are enough downsides to make the savings not worth it in the long term. If you have a project you are itching to get done this winter, there are a few reasons why it is worth delaying until spring.

Start Your Roofing in Whitmore Lake Michigan Before the Winter, Here's Why

The Weather Is Unpredictable

Unless you live close to the equator, you are more than likely going to get at least some snow during the winter. But even the southern states are known to get a freak snow storm now and again. From heavy snow fall, to freezing rain, and anything else mother nature wants to through at you, the weather can change and become dangerous quickly. As for us here in Michigan, we can likely expect snow, ice, and some rain this winter.

While there is always a risk of freak weather, the winter is much more likely to be problematic. This means that the remodel can end up being pushed back while you wait for the weather to improve enough to continue working. If you are living in your home during the roof replacement this can mean being without that area of your home for an indefinite period of time. This is especially difficult for those remodeling a bathroom or kitchen.

 The Materials Can Have Trouble In The Cold

 While the roofing contractor may be willing to do the work in the winter, it doesn’t mean the materials are going to cooperate. For example, when you are doing roof work, asphalt shingles need a certain temperature to adhere properly to the roof. If temperatures are too cold, you can end up with shingles that aren’t properly glued down and will fall off easily.

Cold temperatures can also make materials more brittle and prone to cracking. This means you need to make sure that they are properly stored until absolutely necessary to protect them from the elements. Nothing will be able to sit outside, and it can become cramped and stressful to try to have everything in your home or garage.

It Is Harder To Fully Clean Up

When your home is being remodeled, or even for smaller home improvement jobs, materials are needed. From tools, to screws and even tiles, everything that is brought in will need to be used or taken out. As the project goes on, you can expect to see a contractor cutting things, bringing in materials and removing them. But cleanliness is not exactly the biggest priority on the job.

You will often see nails, pieces of materials and wrappings on the outside yard as the contractor works. But at the end of the day, or the job, you can expect the contractor to pick up. During the winter, this clean up process can become much more difficult. Debris can fall into the snow and not be seen again until spring. This poses a major safety hazard and is difficult to avoid. This is why it is important that the ground will be seen during and after the work is done to make sure you don’t miss anything left behind.

If your roof has problems such as a roof leak be sure to get it repaired quickly before the colder weather arrives. At Livingston Roof Pros we can repair or replace your roof quickly avoiding many of the problems that you’ll face with other roofers. Call us today for a free quote on roof repair or roof replacement in Whitmore Lake Michigan. 

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