Professional Services for Residential Roofing in Brighton Michigan

With an extensive experience of over 20 years of providing exemplary services for roofing in Brighton Michigan, Livingston Roof Pros have mastered our trade and our experienced and knowledgeable team of roofers is always excited at the prospect of a new project. All our roofing contractors are fully licensed and insured having passed a rigorous vetting process to make sure they are safe to provide a professional service right at the convenience of your home. Contact us today for service for roofing in Brighton Michigan you can wholesomely trust with your satisfaction guaranteed.

Professional Services for Residential Roofing in Brighton Michigan

Premium Roofing Services Offered

We are a full-service roofing company in Brighton Michigan whose scope of services is not limited.  our services are well organized hence we are able to offer 24-hour emergency services any time of the year including off-peak seasons.  Contact us today to get free estimates on our budget-friendly services for roofing in Brighton Michigan.

Professional Services for Residential Roofing in Brighton MichiganSpecialized Roofing Services in Brighton Michigan Offered:

  • Shingle roofing repair and replacement
  • New roof installation in one day for typical homes
  • 24/7 emergency roofing services
  • Comprehensive roof maintenance services
  • Thorough audit on roof conditions
  • Free estimates
  • Flat roofs and also the built-up roofs
  • Complete re-roofing services and so much more!

We take pride in our handy work and uphold an incredible work ethic.  As such we have earned our place as a reliable partner recommended by homeowners in the local community.  We fully prioritize on every task big or small engaging our best team. Additionally, we provide clean up services after every job to maintain the aesthetic value of your home.

A Rich variety of Roofing Options to Choose From

Composite Shingles

These are the most common roofs for many residential houses commonly also referred to as asphalt shingles.  They are very cost-effective to purchase and offer you an incredible range of colors and sizes to choose from. Many homeowners have taken to composite shingles mainly for the way it makes their roof standout and compliments their curb.  This would be a very great investment when renovating your house in preparation for a house sale. It’s high durability and tolerance for adverse temperatures makes it an excellent choice for roofing in Brighton Michigan.

Shingle Roofing Resistant to Impact

The combination of materials in the manufacture of this particular model and the technology involved adapts this particular roofing material to extreme weather and impact.  With the class IV, you are guaranteed protection from a wider range of damages.  The maintenance for this type of roofing in Brighton Michigan is minimal and comes in different styles to complement the physical attributes of your house.  You will, however, require a professional service to make the roof installations which are highly specialized in.

 Tile Roofing

This is also Very popular especially for homeowners seeking enduring beauty solutions.  What makes this roof one of the most demanded options it is the unique ability to have the perfect water shedding for natural water and elite ventilation attributes.  You also have a wider range to choose from when it comes to different styles and design considering it is easy to be very creative with tiles. You will not incur exaggerated maintenance costs for the tile roofs as even though minimal it is very easy to repair and replace a tile roof. Reach out to us today and our residential tile roof experts will be there expeditiously!

Living Roofs Installation

Some of our clients are always seeking distinction when it comes to your personal space.  A green roof does exactly that. A layer of preferred vegetation is included on to an existing roof to cover it completely or partially. Navigation is planted over the waterproof membrane and is installed in a way that secures your home and still Prevents leakages. Our residential roofing services our comprehensive and for the green roofs, we add extra layers to act as barriers as well as extra drainage channels which can be used for irrigation.

Why Choose a Professional Residential Roofing Company in Brighton Michigan

Despite making security considerations a professional roofing service saves you cost in the long run by availing functional and lasting solutions. We have had adequate time to gather this industries experience and have acquired all the official requirements to make us a recognized business entity in the community. To our highly esteemed clients, we make extra effort to keep up with the rising trends as well as incorporating new technologies to our roofing services.

Our 24/7 emergency roofers at Livingston Roof Pros are recruited from the best in the market and all their work resources are conveniently availed to them to be very responsive to your critical situation. In our modern society today when faced with a roofing emergency it all turn into a matter of urgency as many security risks arise.  We fully comprehend this and have very articulate strategies for fast response.

So if you are suspicious about possible damages on the roof for one reason or another or have come to the conclusion that you need your entire roof replaced we are the right roofing service to call.  Our friendly technical team offers certified quality roofing service near you. When it comes to roof matters your decisions are critical to how your house looks to the world and how secure your house is from the top.  This is the reason why roofing is a big decision and we highly advise our dear clients to take their time to do a background research for the best quality they can get at the budget level.

Contact Livingston Roof Pros today for a service on your roofing in Brighton Michigan home that adds character to your valued home. We have everything you could possibly need to add all the love to your roof at prices that are basically a steal for you. Our residential roofing experts offer their time conscious and specialized services promptly!


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