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Is a Roof Inspection Required for a Free Roof Estimate
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Is a Roof Inspection Required for a Free Roof Estimate?

When you get a roof inspection there are many different things that the inspector will look at. I’ll go over some of the things they look for below. But if you’re getting a new roof or a roof repair do you really need a roof inspection and why? These are some of the questions I’ll answer in this blog post.

Is a Roof Inspection Required for a Free Roof Estimate?

When you need a roofing repair done on your home it’s important to understand exactly what the problem is and the only way to do that is by getting a roof inspection done. A roof inspection is done on your home’s roof if you need a roof repair or new roof installation. In either case it’s important to get a roof inspection first.

What Does a Roof Inspector Look For When Inspecting My Roof?

Depending on what sort of roofing service you need will determine what the inspector is looking for. For roof repairs the inspector will focus more on the area that needs repair. Anything that will need to be serviced in order to repair the roof. This can include roof materials such as shingles, roof boots, and more.

For home’s that need a new roof installation the home roof inspector may not really look at the current roof as much because it will be removed. They will be looking for problems with the roof decking and for any dips or rises in the roof. These things may cause problems on the new roof once it’s installed.

And a third thing a roofing inspector will look for is during a full inspection. If your home has been damaged by storms or you’re thinking of buying a home and want to know what shape the roof is in this type of inspection is best. The roofing inspector will look at all the areas of the roof that are usually the culprit of problems. This includes any roof penetrations such as chimneys or skylights and more.

Another thing the roofing inspector will look for is the condition of the roof. Whether the shingles that are installed are in good shape or will they fail soon. Once the inspection is complete you can speak with the inspector about their findings.

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