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Problems You May Encounter on Your Roofing in Howell Michigan During Spring

Spring is finally here and the snow and ice of winter are finally melted away. Warmer weather is on the horizon and it’s the perfect time for home improvement projects in Howell Michigan. Having roof maintenance on your home can help your roof last a long time and can prevent problems from occurring and potential problems as well. Winter is especially hard on roofing because of the increased ice and snow. It adds weight to the roof, moisture, and sometimes even cleaning the roof after snow and ice has fallen tends cause problems. To understand more about what condition your roof is in after winter be sure to call us and get a roof inspection in Howell Michigan by Livingston roof Pros. We’ll go over some problems that are quite common after a harsh winter season.

Problems You May Encounter on Your Roofing in Howell Michigan During Spring

There are many things that can plague your roof. And it seems like there’s no limit to the problems that can occur. From wildlife looking for a place to get warm, to falling branches that pierce the roofing surface. In either case it’s always a good time to get a roof inspection during spring because of the warmer temperatures. The best time to install a new roof is during summer and spring of the year because of the warmer temperatures. Asphalt roofing manufacturers suggest the temperature be above 40° for 7 consecutive days in order to properly seal. While it is possible to get a roof installed in winter time it’s usually not recommended if it can be avoided. learning the roof has problems is best during the spring because it gives you plenty of time to correct it before next winter. Here are some problems that you may find on your roof:

Problems You May Encounter on Your Roofing in Howell Michigan During Spring

The Gutters Are Clogged

It may seem like a simple problem but it can lead to all sorts of damage to your home. Clogged gutters allow water to back up onto the roof which can get under roofing and cause damage. For homes in Howell Michigan, there should be an ice dam barrier in place that can protect against this. However, in some cases the water remains too long and can also penetrate this barrier.

The Roof May Be Sagging

As snow and ice collect on your roof it not only holds moisture against the roof but it also adds lots of weight. This is especially true for icy conditions. As the ice and snow builds up the additional weight could put stress on structural components of your roof causing it to sag. Once the ice and snow melt away the roof it does not correct itself and remains sagging. This cannot only look less desirable but it may also lead to leaks as it can sometimes pool at shingles and start causing problems with breaking them. keeping a roof clear of snow and ice during the winter can help eliminate this problem. However, if the roof is already sagging you may need to replace structural components in the roof as well.

Damaged Shingles

there are many reasons a shingle can be damaged. From wildlife scurrying about on your roof, to Fallen branches from trees, when a roof leak develops on your home it’s usually because of damaged shingles. Your shingles may also be at the age of breaking down. Most roofing shingles last about 15 years to 25 years. So if your roof is over 15 years old it may be that your roof is failing because of his age. Having a roof inspection on your home can identify any failing shingles are curling shingles that need to be replaced. And the best time to do this is during spring once the roof is free from snow and ice.

Call Livingston Roof Pros for a Roof Inspection

Let Livingston roof Pros assist you in keeping your home’s roof in great condition. We are a licensed and insured roofing contractor in Howell Michigan and we can inspect a roof to identify any problems or potential problems that need to be resolved. Be sure to call us today to set up an appointment with one of our roofing experts to inspect your roof at 517-940-8770. We offer free estimates and we can install a new roof in as little as a single day.

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