Free Roof Estimate

Free Roof Estimate by Livingston Roof ProsAt Livingston Roof Pros we offer a free roof estimate to help determine the cost of your roof repairs or new roof installation. When you call us to get an estimate we’ll send an experienced roofing expert to your home to get more details about your roofing needs. We’ll also likely inspect the current roof and the shape it’s in to give you a better idea of how much a new roof will cost.

After we have found out your needs and taken the required measurements we’ll discuss with you about roofing options including materials, time of project, and warranty information. We want to be completely up front with our customers about the work we perform and giving customers a free roof estimate helps us do just that.

Once we have discussed with you all your options we’ll present you with a written estimate of the work to be performed on your home. It will include details about the project including price, time of project, materials used, labor, cleanup, and more. Our free roofing estimate can quickly help you determine what sort of roof is within your budget.

The roofing expert will present you with the estimate and allow you to look over it. You can also ask questions about anything on the estimate that you don’t understand. After all, we realize that home owners aren’t accustomed to the jargon of roofers and we want you to be complete aware of anything on the estimate. We invite you to ask questions about the estimate and we’ll clarify anything up that may not be clear.

If you specifically want something on the estimate be sure to have it added in writing and signed by the inspector. This protects you the home owner even if you decide to go with another roofing company.

If you’re ready to get a free roof estimate on your home’s roof please give us a call today at 517-940-8770

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