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Items We Check During a Roof Inspection in Livingston Michigan

Knowing what condition your home’s roof is in can give you a much better idea of when it should be replaced or stop potential problems from occurring on the roof. Here at Livingston Roof Pros we offer roof inspection in Livingston Michigan to help you better understand the condition of your home’s roof. We also can fix any potential problems or roof leaks that you may have on your roof. There are many things we look at and inspect while on the roof that just the shingles themselves. In fact, we inspect every aspect of the roof. We’ll dig deeper into the items we check during our routine roof inspection below.

Items We Check During a Roof Inspection in Livingston Michigan

In order to keep your roof performing as it should and protecting your home from rain and other weather elements you’ll need to perform regular maintenance on it. Most roofing systems require little in terms of maintenance but getting it inspected annually or bi-annually can help to prevent problems from occurring on the roof which can lead to a roof leak. Many times the roof leaks that we discover are not from the roofing surface itself but with other roofing components such as flashing problems or seals that have cracked and allow water to pass. We take a look at all these areas on your home’s roof and we may even go into your home’s attic if needed. Listed below are the main areas we check when we inspect your home’s roof:

Items We Check During a Roof Inspection in Livingston Michigan

The Roofing Surface Itself

The roof shingles on your home typically last the amount of their warranties. Some roofing materials are designed to last 15 years and some are designed to last 40 years. Over time, roofing materials start to break down and for asphalt shingles that means they are more susceptible to damages. This aging is apparent on the roofing materials upon inspection. We’ll give you a good idea of how much life is left in your shingles and if roof replacement should be considered soon for your home’s roof.

Valleys and Ridges

Valleys on your home’s roof must be in good working order to move water away from the roof as quickly as possible. For home’s with lower pitched roofs this is even more important as gravity plays a lesser role in the water exiting. When you have a problem in the valleys of your home’s roof it can lead to a lot of water leaking into your home quickly. We inspect all valleys on the roof to ensure they are performing as they should and if there is a problem or debris we can remedy that problem. Although ridges are at the top of your roof there can still be problems there as many homes have roof ventilation in that area which should be free and clear. We’ll inspect both ridges and valleys during the roof inspection on your home.

Roofing Components Such as Skylights and Chimneys

Have a skylight or chimney in your home? We’ll take a closer look at roofing components such as these on the roof to ensure they are sealed properly. Many times the seals on these items can go bad after just a few years due to cracking and drying out. We’ll look at all these components including any other roof penetrations that may be present on your home such as firewalls, plumbing pipes, or other components.

Flashing on the Roof

Flashing that is failing can be a cause for concern as it could lead to a roof leak. We inspect the flashing on your home’s roof and ensure it hasn’t started to develop small holes which is common in lower quality (thinner) flashing. We’ll also take a look at the sealant that is used to apply the flashing.

Gutters and Eaves

While the gutters may not seem like it’s part of the roof it’s important to have gutters that are free and clear. We look closely at the eaves of the home to determine if you have enough roof ice dam protection in place. Cleaning your gutters can help prevent damages to your home’s roof.

Get Your Roof Inspected Today by Livingston Roof Pros

Are you concerned about your home’s roof in Livingston Michigan? Be sure to call Livingston Roof Pros today to get a roof inspection on your home. We can inspect your home’s roof quickly and give you details on what we’ve found. We can also help with any roof repairs that may be needed. Call us today to get started!

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