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How To Prepare Your Roof in Brighton Michigan For Summer Storms

It seems as if life is always throwing something at us, and our home. Leaky pipes, the hole you put in the wall when you tripped over your friends’ shoes, denied insurance claims and before you know it, storm season is just around the corner in time for your head to heal from the wall. Oh well, you can’t just give up now, right? Getting your roof prepared for the upcoming storm season means that you can avoid costly roof repair in Brighton Michigan. We’ll share tips to help prepare your home and save money on roofing projects in this post.

How To Prepare Your Roof in Brighton Michigan For Summer Storms

There is only so much you can do to prepare for summer storms. Depending on where you live and the landscape around your home a storm could mean a little rain and hail, or batten down the hatches to prepare for tornados which may involve falling trees and other debris. Though you can’t do much for the last two except purchase good homeowners insurance, there are some steps you can take to mitigate the risks to your roof during storms.

Talk To A Professional

You might have been there during the construction of your roof, but you probably weren’t. Your roof may not be designed and prepared for the area you live in. Have a professional assess your roof and consider whatever advice they give you. Ask them if your roof is ready for the coming storm season. You can do this by getting a roof inspection on your Brighton Michigan home.

How To Prepare Your Roof in Brighton Michigan For Summer Storms

Inspect Your Attic

The condition of your attic can give many clues as to the condition of your roof. If your attic is consistently damp or has signs of mold and water damage, you should inspect it thoroughly. You may have leaks, rotten insulation or improper ventilation. If you have low spots or breaks in the ceiling you should tend to the problem as soon as possible.

Inspect Your Roof

You should do this in the safest manner possible, if not have a roofing professional do it for you. Either way, a quick glance at the condition of your roof can stop many problems before they start in the coming storm season. Things you are looking for are missing or damaged shingles, moss build up, water pooling, debris build-up, leftover holes from antennas and any possible damage caused by animals.

Clean Your Gutters

Your gutters are nearly half the process of maintaining your roof and should go without saying if you are worried about the upcoming weather conditions. Clear your gutters of all debris and properly maintain them. They are about to be really busy.


Trees may seem gentle and sweet, but a branch that blows off in 100mph winds is not going to treat your roof with the proper respect you paid for. There is also the possibility of a tree falling on your roof and causing catastrophic damage that could endanger you and your family. Allow trees to remain near your home at your own risk, but at least trim any large branches that can damage your roof.

The Basics

Ensure that all holes left over from TV antennas and satellite dishes have been sealed and are holding. Also, have any flashing and skylight seals on your roof inspected. Improperly sealed holes and flashing are the number one reason for roof leaks.

Exposed Electrical Components

If you have air-conditioned units or anything else on your roof with moving parts or wires, you need to prepare these items for the season. Give them a good cleaning and inspect them for anywhere water can get that could cause them damage. Any exposed wires could lead to outages or even fires. No one wants their house to catch on fire in the middle of a storm.

Hire A Roof Cleaner

Debris from your roof and gutter should always be removed as soon as possible. This is even more urgent pre-storm season. You are going to accumulate debris and weather damage during this time of year and allowing it to accumulate with the rest of the year’s debris and damage will not only put you at higher risk for roof damage it speeds up the aging process of your roof. Roof cleaners are relatively inexpensive and will save you thousands of dollars in the long run.

No One Beats Nature

In the scheme of life, you have no guarantees, but you can stack the odds in your favor. By doing the things on this list that is exactly what you are doing. If you have any questions about your roof’s readiness for the summer storm season, please call Livingston Roof Pros at 517-940-8770

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