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Here Are Some of the Common Roof Problems in Livingston Michigan
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Here Are Some of the Common Roof Problems in Livingston Michigan

When a roof leak develops on your home it can be caused by a variety of reasons. Your home’s roof may have been damaged by severe storms, roofing materials breaking down, or many other items. It may have even been damaged by wildlife which is more common than you might think. Calling a roofing contractor in Livingston Michigan to repair your roof will get your home back to normal and repair the roof leak but sometimes the roof may have been damaged and a roof leak hasn’t developed yet. Here are some of the common problems you may find on your roof and would require the help of a roofing contractor to remedy them.

Here Are Some of the Common Roof Problems in Livingston Michigan

Typically after a severe storm it’s a good idea to inspect the roof and look for signs of damage. You may notice many of the problems below just by looking at the roof from the ground. However, some problems may not be present and obvious.

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Having a Roof Leak on the Home

When you have a roof leak on your home it’s obvious you have a problem with your roof. However, many roof leaks start small and may not be easily noticed in the home. One of the signs of a roof leak inside the home is stains on the ceiling in your home. As water saturates the drywall installed on the ceiling it will become a brownish tint. Small amounts of water may not breach the drywall but they do usually leave some type of stain. In more severe leaks the water will saturate the drywall to the point of leaking through and sometimes the drywall will fall from the ceiling as well.

Broken Shingles

During severe storms there are many threats to the roof. Not only does rain beat down on the roof but another problem is the wind that is associated with a severe storm. High winds can get under shingles on the roof and blow them back causing them to break. Once this happens the shingle loses it’s seal and sometimes breaks away from the roof. You may notice missing shingles from your roof which is a sign of roof damage. You may also notice pieces of shingles in your yard. If you do notice these pieces of shingles in your yard give your roof a quick inspection to see if you can determine if they actually came from your roof.

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Improper Maintenance of the Roof

While roofing shingles themselves don’t require much maintenance, the other parts of your roof does. If you have trees that overhang the roof keeping them trimmed and cut back is a must. Items such as trees can cause debris and leaves to collect on the roof which may damage it. If you notice large piles of debris in valleys on your roof chances are you’ll have  a roof problem in that area. Proper maintenance and inspections can help to remedy this problem.

Improper Repairs Done on the Roof

While there are many videos and television shows that depict roofing it should only be done by professional roofers. Not only is going on your home’s roof dangerous but you can damage the roof even worse than it already is. A common problem with DIY roofing is that the roof isn’t repaired properly when there is a problem. This can lead to even more roof leaks and problems later. Not only that but you may even void the warranty on the existing roof.

Punctures on the Roofing

Sometimes during severe storms with high winds the shingles are damaged by the wind itself. Other times it can be damaged by other problems such as fallen tree branches. Falling debris such as tree branches can puncture the roof surface and cause a leak. Usually there will be signs of damage or the item that caused the puncture in the first place.

What You Should Do if You Have a Roof Leak

If you notice any of the problems mentioned above be sure to call the roofing experts at Livingston Roof Pros. We offer a full line of roofing services in Livingston Michigan. We are fully licensed and insured and offer free quotes. Give us a call today to get your roof repaired professionally and fast.

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