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Gutter Replacement Warning Signs You Must Know in South Lyon Michigan

Your home is made up of a sturdy foundation, a strong roof, and protective siding. While you are familiar with your gutters as a feature of your home that requires maintenance, you may not be as familiar with their benefits. Your gutters protect your foundation, roof, and siding by ensuring that debris does not gather. It creates a path for the debris to be washed away, and it is up to you to make sure that this path is clear. Small problems with the gutters on your home can have huge effects on other areas especially the roof of your home. Inspecting your gutters and roofing in South Lyon Michigan regularly can help reduce these problems. We’ll go over some tips to help you keep your gutters performing as they should and provide some signs that can mean you need to repair your home’s gutters.

Gutter Replacement Warning Signs You Must Know in South Lyon Michigan

Many times, when gutters start to fail or if there is a problem it can become obvious. The problem is most home owners simply don’t take the time to inspect their homes every month or so to see these problems. Over time the problem can get worse and worse until finally, the components such as the gutters fail completely. For instance, clogged gutters usually don’t happen overnight and it’s obvious when looking at the gutters that they are full of leaves and debris. Take a few minutes each month to look at your home’s gutters and roofing to determine if there is anything that needs to be addressed.

Gutter Replacement Warning Signs You Must Know in South Lyon Michigan

There will come a time when cleaning your gutters is not enough. In this case, you will need to replace them. The following are some of the most common indicators that it is time for a gutters replacement on your home:


Much like any other feature of your home, your gutters are going to experience wear and tear with age. Most gutters can last anywhere from 15-40 years. This is a very broad range, so keeping an eye on them is essential. When you get your gutters cleaned professionally and on a regular basis, you are extending their longevity. Most gutters are installed at the same time as the roofing so if you’re unsure about how old your gutters are, chances are they are the same age as the roofing on your home.


If your gutters are made of galvanized metal, then corrosion is likely to become a problem one day. This happens when your gutters get wet and develop rust. It is a natural process but one that definitely should be monitored. Once you notice corrosion, there is not anything that you can do to reverse it; a replacement makes the most sense.

Damaged Siding

One of the first things you will notice when your gutters stop working is damage to your siding. This discoloration is easy to spot because water damage creates this staining. It is best to replace your gutters sooner rather than later to prevent more damage.

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Interior Leaks/Water Damage

If your gutters are severely damaged, then you will probably start to notice leaking and water damage inside of your home. These leaks will usually appear on your ceiling and near the gutters. You may also notice your walls/paint chipping, cracking, and staining.

Puddles Around Foundation

The spout at the bottom of your gutters is meant to direct the excess water away from your home. If you notice that there is water creating puddles around it, then this is an indication that your spout is not working properly. This is a big issue because it can start to cause bad leaks that spread quickly.

Sagging and Warping

When any part of your home begins to sag or warp, this is a clear sign that there is water damage occurring somewhere. If you follow the stains and the leaks, it will almost always lead you to places near your gutters and the areas around them.

Keep your gutters clean, and make sure that you get them inspected annually. When you are diligent with your maintenance, this will protect your home from potential water damage and ensure that your gutters are doing their best to keep the moisture away. If you require the help of a professional team, contact Livingston Roof Pros today! 517-940-8770

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