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Whitmore Lake MI Roof Replacement
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Getting a Roof Replacement in Whitmore Lake Michigan? Here are 4 Things You Can Expect

When hiring a roofing contractor in Whitmore Lake Michigan it can be an overwhelming experience. Since most roofing systems are designed to last for many years getting a roof replacement may seem frustrating to understand. However, having a reputable roofing contractor that can walk you through each step of the way and answer any questions you may have can certainly help. It also helps to understand the process of getting a new roof installed on your Whitmore Lake Michigan home which we’ll go over in this post.

Getting a Roof Replacement in Whitmore Lake Michigan? Here are 4 Things You Can Expect

Getting a new roof can be expensive and one task that many people delay as much as possible. However, when you deal with the right roofing company in Whitmore Lake Michigan you can help to reduce must of the stress with getting a new roof installed. In fact, with roofing companies offering financing options available, getting a new roof installed can be easier than ever. Delaying getting a new roof will only cause the price to go up on the roof replacement and should not be done. Always make sure you address any roofing problems as quickly as possible to prevent further damage on the home. At Livingston Roof Pros, we can help with any of the following concerns or steps that you’ll take when getting a new roof installed on your home:

Getting a Roof Replacement in Whitmore Lake Michigan? Here are 4 Things You Can Expect

Start with a Roofing Estimate

When you need a new roof installed on your home the first step you should take when searching for roofing companies in Whitmore Lake Michigan is to get estimates on the roof. Most of the reputable roofing companies will offer free estimates on roofing projects. Here at Livingston Roof Pros we do offer free roofing estimates and quotes for any roofing service we offer. Be wary of roofers who charge a fee to give you an estimate. The estimate is just a starting point in most cases and will only list estimates for materials and labor.

If you’re getting multiple estimates from different roofing companies be sure to compare them properly. There are several things that roofing companies can do that can help you save money on the roof. One of those things is the way the roof is installed and if the old roof is removed. Leaving the old roof in place and installing a new roof over it (known as a roof over) is much less expensive than removing the old roof. Be sure to compare roofing estimates with the same roofing methods and such for a better comparison.

Look Over Reviews and Qualifications

We would love for you to choose Livingston Roof Pros for your roofing needs in Whitmore Lake Michigan however we realize you may not. If you do decide to go with another roofing company you should only use roofing contractors who are properly qualified to install a new roof. This includes all the necessary licenses and insurance. But it also should include manufacturer endorsements as well so your roofing warranty is protected. Hiring a roof that is not qualified to install your roof may end up voiding the warranty on your new roof as soon as it’s installed.

Review Any Additional Costs

Certain circumstances will sometimes result in additional costs for the roof replacement. Having money in the budget to include these unforeseen items can certainly help. When removing the old roof there may be problems with the roof decking that needs to be addressed. There could also be problems with chimneys and skylights which are common in roof replacement projects. Proper roof inspection before the roof replacement begins can help to reduce these additional costs significantly in most cases.

Signing the Contract

When you decide on a roofing contractor there is one more step that you’ll want to have and that is the roofing contract. Always use a roofing contract for any roofing installation project on your home and get a copy of it. The roofing contract should have all the details about the roofing project including materials, price, and more. Ensure any details which were omitted is included before you sign. The roofing contract can help protect you and the contractor and eliminate any misunderstandings.

Call Livingston Roof Pros for an Estimate on a New Roof

Get started today by taking the first step of getting a roof estimate from Livingston Roof Pros. Call us today at 517-940-8770 for more details and to schedule your appointment.


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