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First Steps to Take When You Have Roof Damage in Howell Michigan

When it’s raining outside and you’re inside enjoying your day the last thing you want to deal with is a roof leak on your home. A roof leak can occur for a variety of reasons and usually when they show up and are noticed is when it is raining outside. There are some things you can do and steps you can take in order to minimize the damage from a roof leak. We’ll go over some of the steps you should take when you notice a roof leak on your Howell Michigan home in order to prevent water damage to your home below.

First Steps to Take When You Have Roof Damage in Howell Michigan

It may not seem like much of a problem at first but when you have a roof leak it can lead to all sorts of problems in your home. Not only can the incoming water cause damage to your home furnishings as they get wet but it can also damage your home as well. Water damage to the ceilings and attic can lead to all sorts of problems. And if the water remains long enough you may even have mold growth in the home. Dealing with a roof leak quickly is important and can help to prevent lots of damage to your home. Here are some of the steps you should take if roof damage on your home has led to a roof leak:

First Steps to Take When You Have Roof Damage in Howell Michigan

Capture the Water from the Roof Leak

When you realize you have a roof leak the first thing you should do is to get a pot or bucket to trap the water that is coming in. If the rain storm is relatively short, you’ll still need to do this. When water comes into your home from a roof leak it doesn’t usually just show up while it’s raining. Instead, as water enters the attic space in the home it can saturate the insulation and other components in the attic. Most of the water that seeps through is the water you’re capturing in most cases. So even when it stops raining the water that is saturated in the insulation will still continue to leak into your home.

Remove Any Water Not Captured to Prevent Water Damage

Water damage can occur on a variety of areas in your home. Cleaning up the water quickly can prevent much of this water damage. Rugs and items that have been saturated by the roof leak need to be dried completely. You may need to move items from the area where the roof leak is located to prevent more damage from occurring to them and more water. Dry and remove any water that is present as well.

Call for Roof Repair

If you have a leak in your home’s ceiling, chances are you have a roof leak. However, there are other problems that may occur which can lead to similar situations such as HVAC or plumbing problems. If the leak occurs when it’s raining it’s always best to start with a roofing contractor in Howell Michigan. For longer period storms you may need to have a temporary roof repair done to prevent further damage to the home. Once the weather allows, a more permanent roof repair is done on the home. Livingston Roof Pros offers emergency roof repair in Howell Michigan if needed.

Call Your Insurance Provider or Agent

Once the roof leak has been determined and the rain has stopped you can take pictures of any damage that has occurred in your home. Talk with your insurance agent about your coverage as your roof repair may be covered by insurance.

Take Proactive Steps to Prevent Damage Later

Once you gotten your roof leak repaired be sure to take some proactive steps to prevent more damage from occurring on your home’s roof. Trim back trees and branches that are overhanging the roof. You should also get a roof inspection done on your home at least annually to determine if there are any problems.

Get a Roof Inspection on your Home

Call Livingston Roof Pros today to get roof repair or replacement done on your Howell Michigan home. We also offer roof inspections as well to prevent damage to your home’s roof. Call 517-940-8770 to get started.


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