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Components of Your Home’s Roofing System in Howell Michigan

Your roof is a crucial part of your home. From preventing the elements from getting in, to regulating the temperature inside, your roof does a lot to keep your home safe. But to do this and handle the constant exposure of the outside world, your roof needs to consist of several parts working together. This system combines to provide the best performance and protection possible for your home. To help your roofing in Howell Michigan do its job, you should familiarize yourself with the different parts and the role they play.

Components of Your Home’s Roofing System in Howell Michigan

There are many different components to a complete roofing system for your home. Many of these components are now sold as a complete system by a roofing manufacturer. However, most roofs can also be installed individually from different manufacturers. So a covering from GAF with flashing from a different company is possible. There are some cases however when you’ll need to get the entire roofing system from a single manufacturer in order to get a better warranty. Installing a complete system for the roof from some manufacturers include a 50 plus year warranty on the roof.

In any case, you’ll always want to use a qualified roofing contractor in Howell Michigan to install or replace your roof. But, understanding the components of the roof and why you need them can help you better understand your estimate and which parts of the roof are more vital.

Components of Your Home’s Roofing System in Howell Michigan


The covering of your roof is the very top layer, and is the first line of defense against the elements. Coverings can be made of different materials and styles, but one of the most common options is shingles. If you do go with shingles for your home, it is important to remember that there are also starter shingles that need to be installed. This will both help add more of a barrier to your roof, and keep the shingles in place with a better installation. No matter what covering option you go with, you should always weigh the pros and cons of the materials and how they will work for your home and environment.

Vapor Barrier

Vapor barriers are an optional addition to your roof that goes under the covering, but on top of the underlayment. This is typically a layer, or a few layers of plastic sheeting to help prevent water from getting through and getting inside your home.


The underlayment is what the covering sits on and is constructed of a material similar to felt. This acts as a barrier between the covering and the sheathing to help prevent moisture, debris, pests or air from getting in.


Laying on your home’s rafters, the sheathing is constructed of plywood, or something similar, and acts as a base layer for your roof. The sheathing makes up the basic design of your roof and is what the rest of the roof is laid upon to make up the overall appearance.


While you may not consider gutters as a part of your roof, it is absolutely vital to your roof system. This is because gutters divert water away from your home and prevent it from sitting on your roof. Gutters must be kept clear to prevent water from backing up onto the roof and sitting. Ice dams can form from the sitting water or melting snow if the temperatures are cold enough. To help avoid them, you can also consider adding preventative tools like wiring to make it harder for the dams to form.


Fascia board is made of either wood or metal and are the part of the home your gutters are attached to. They are a vital part of your roof system because fascia helps block moisture from getting in when gutters overflow or leak.

Roof Flashing

Flashing are an addition that any homeowner should consider for their roof. They are constructed of a piece of metal or plastic that lines areas like chimneys, skylights, vents, or valleys in your roof. They add an extra layer of protection to more vulnerable areas and make it more difficult for moisture to get in.

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