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Best Roofing Contractor in Brighton Michigan - Call Livingston Roof Pros
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Best Roofing Contractor in Brighton Michigan – Call Livingston Roof Pros

When you have a roof leak on your home the last thing you want to do is wait and spend days or weeks looking for a roofing contractor in Brighton Michigan. The longer you delay when it comes to a roof leak the more damage that will occur inside your home. As water seeps in from a roof leak it can damage almost anything it contacts. This can include components in the home itself such as drywall, insulation, and even structural components. But water from a roof leak can also damage your home furnishings as well. Having a good roofing contractor who can take care of the roof leak fast is a must. Here are some tips to help ensure you choose the best roofing contractor for your home roof repairs.

Best Roofing Contractor in Brighton Michigan – Call Livingston Roof Pros

There are many reputable roofing companies in our area. They provide excellent customer service and have experienced roofers on staff ready to help when you have a problem with your roof. Unfortunately, while there are a few great roofing companies there are loads of not-so-great roofing companies and even roofers who promise a lot and deliver very little. Others may even try to sell you things you don’t really need. Getting told you need a new roof installed instead of just a roof repair can make your project go from hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars. Whenever a roofing contractor says that you need a roof replacement instead of a roof repair it’s best to get a second opinion. With that being said, there are some things you should look for when hiring a roofing contractor for your project. Here are some tips to help:

Best Roofing Contractor in Brighton Michigan

Make Sure They Use a Roof Contract

Getting a simple roof repair usually doesn’t require a roof contract but for larger jobs you’ll want to ensure the roofing contractor actually uses a contract for the project. The contract is designed to help ensure there are no misunderstandings when it comes to the roof repair or replacement. It can protect both the roofer and the home owner provided you look over the contract good before signing and make sure you get a copy of the contract in case something does go wrong. It should list details about the project including materials used, timeframe, and cost. The more details the better in many cases but can also be general in nature as well. It’s best to use a contract for each project but some smaller roof repairs may not warrant it.

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Make Sure They Are Licensed and Insured

You’ll also need to make sure the roofing contractor in Brighton Michigan is fully licensed and insured. This is especially true if you have an existing warranty on your roof or you are getting a roof replacement done. Many roofing material manufacturers will offer factory warranties on roofing products which can last for many years. But, they must be installed by licensed professionals or your warranty may become void. You’ll also want to make sure they are fully insured as roofing work in very dangerous and there are accidents that can happen.

Are They Right for Your Project?

For most homes in Brighton Michigan the roofing material is asphalt roofing shingles. In fact, asphalt roofing shingles have been the number choice for roofing for many decades. There are other roofing materials that are used in this area as well including metal roofing, tile roofing, and slate roofing. While these types of roofing are not common they may require specialized tools or equipment to repair or replace. You’ll want to ensure the roofing contractor in Brighton Michigan you hire for your project is experienced with the type of roof you have. Here at Livingston Roof Pros we specialize in asphalt shingle roofing and metal roofing. What roof you have may limit your choices when it comes to a roofing contractor.

We Offer Free Quotes

Here at Livingston Roof Pros we can check off all the boxes above and make sure you are completely satisfied with your roof repair or replacement. Give us a call today at 517-940-8770 for a free quote on your next roofing project. All of our roofing services can ensure your roof is ready for whatever Mother Nature throws at it.

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