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7 Signs That You Need to Replace Your Roof in Livingston Michigan

As a homeowner, the idea of replacing your roof usually doesn’t surface until it is too late. Waiting until there is a problem means that you will have to deal with a leak and a hasty decision to hire a roofing contractor in Livingston Michigan. Instead of holding off on this important task, there are several ways for you to observe the condition of your roof before a major problem arises. In fact, there are some key signs that you should look for that usually occurs before your roof fails. We’ll take a closer look and give you details on how to check your home’s roof for problems.

7 Signs That You Need to Replace Your Roof in Livingston Michigan

As with any roofing project, when you discover a problem on your roof it’s always best to hire a fully licensed and qualified roofing contractor. For residents in Livingston County Michigan, we can provide roofing services including roof inspection, roof repair, and roof replacement here at Livingston Roof Pros. Roofing is not a do it yourself project and you can be seriously injured by falling off the roof. All inspections should be made from ground level and we don’t advise you go onto the roof for any reason. With that being said, here are some signs that you may need to get a roof replacement on your home:

7 Signs That You Need to Replace Your Roof in Livingston Michigan

  1. Contrary to popular belief, you do not need to get up on a ladder in order to inspect your roof. Start from the inside. From the highest point in your home, take a flashlight and examine your ceiling. Take note of any light beams that you see reflected back. Also, make sure to look for any staining or streaks. These are indications of leaks.
  2. Keep all records on file. Your home improvement records can help you a lot when it comes to determining the lifespan of your roof. A typical shingle roof should last around 20-25 years. If your records show that your roof is any older, you will know that a replacement is due.
  3. Take a look at the condition of your shingles. It is easy to notice cracking, peeling, and missing shingles. Naturally, if the condition is not perfect, your roof has a higher chance of needing a replacement.
  4. Flashing is what seals off your vents, skylights, and chimneys. Over time, this flashing can wear thin causing leaks. Older homes usually have flashing that is made of tar or cement. Upgrading to a metal system can be a stronger alternative.
  5. Any drooping or sagging is a bad sign when it comes to your roof. This is an indication that it is holding in moisture that is causing it to become misshapen. Any low-hanging tree branches or piles of debris are usually culprits of trapping moisture onto your roof. If you notice anything like this, be sure to replace your roof as soon as possible! To prevent this, keep your gutters clean and make sure that you clear away any branches that hang too close.
  6. Moss is something that grows naturally over time. It is not uncommon to see moss starting to form on the outside of your home. However, it becomes a problem when it starts to appear on your roof. Because of the moisture that it traps inside, having moss on your roof is like having a constant wet spot. Using a brush to remove it is usually sufficient, but if it keeps returning, you might be due for a roof replacement.
  7. Assess each situation as best as you can before panicking that you need to replace your roof right away. Not instances of cracked shingles or piled debris is a sure indication that you need to hire a contractor. Sometimes, it just takes a little bit of maintenance to make sure that a problem doesn’t arise. Keep your roof clean and replace any broken shingles that you are able to. It is likely that if your roof is newer than 15-years-old, you will still be good for a few more years.

The idea of a roof replacement doesn’t have to be a hassle. The status of your roof can be easily observed, and as long as you remain observant, then you will know exactly when the timing is right to make the call to the contractor. These simple steps can save you time and money when it comes to the integrity of your roof. Be sure to call Livingston Roof Pros if you notice a problem on your home’s roof in Livingston County Michigan. We can inspect your roof for problems and give you a free estimate on repairing or replacing the roof.

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